18th Street Closure Pilot Program

18th Street will be not be closed to vehicle traffic over the holiday weekend (July 3-5).

We are working with DDOT to allow for businesses to use the space in front of their businesses, behind the barriers, as parklet space this weekend. Businesses wanting to participate need to fill out this form by 9am on Thursday, July 2. All the same information listed below for the street closure will be required for the new form, plus the additional requirements of: uploading a diagram of the seating area showing proper distancing, a commitment to mark the pavement with chalk or tape showing where the tables and chairs will go, and a commitment to follow the Phase 2 guidance as it applies to your business.

We are hopeful the Adams Morgan Pedestrian Zone (as described below) will resume as a car-free space in the near future, but it will not be in effect this weekend (July 3-5).

There will be a 20-foot pedestrian pathway down the center of the street that will also serve as emergency access. Businesses will be allowed to expand their operations (restaurant table service and retail sales) into the roadway directly in front of their businesses using the distancing guidelines published by DC Health. They will also be able to utilize sidewalk space in front of adjacent properties with written permission from that property owner or business owner.

Colonial Parking Garage will be open and accessible via the alley behind the east side of the 2400 block of 18th Street. Hoffman Alley will be closed.

There are two designated pickup/dropoff (PUDO) zones on the draft map. One on the south side of Columbia Road, just to the west of SunTrust Bank, and one on the east side of 18th Street, south of Kalorama Road adjacent to the basketball courts at Marie Reed School.

The 90 and 96 Metrobuses will be rerouted during the closure. Visit WMATA’s webpage for more information.

Business Participation:

Participating businesses will be able to utilize about 12-13 feet of the roadway measured from the curb out into the roadway (not from the bulb-out areas at crosswalks).

Businesses should plan to have some sort of rope, planter, or other means to separate their extended patio area from their neighbors’. Businesses are responsible for providing tables, chairs, and other fixtures and securing them when not in use in such a way that they can’t be utilized by pedestrians. Furniture should be brought in or secured one hour before the end of the closure.

Businesses that would like to utilize additional space in front of their businesses must fill out an online form that includes the following information:

FREE Business Registration [closed at 3pm Friday, June 26]

To register, each participating business will need to provide the following information on the form below:

  • Name (both corporate and dba)
  • Operating address
  • Basic Business License number
  • Certificate of Occupancy number
  • ABRA License number (if applicable) (Certificate of Insurance requires additional coverage)General FAQs available here.
  • Number of Tables (for restaurants)
  • Number of Chairs (for restaurants)
  • Fixtures they plan to use for display of merchandise (for retailers)
  • Number and type of coverings (umbrellas and/or tents) – Cannot exceed their perimeter or block the pedestrian path (for restaurants and for retailers)
    • All tents can be no more than 10’ x 10’ and cannot be affixed permanently.
      • They can be secured using materials such as blocks or other weights.
      • They cannot be enclosed (i.e. they must be open on all sides).
    • All umbrellas must be a minimum of 8’ clear of the ground when open.
  • Note: Businesses are responsible for providing all tables, chairs, fixtures, tents, and umbrellas, and securing them when not in use in such a way that they can’t be utilized by pedestrians.
  • If the participating business plans to use the public space in front of the adjacent property they need to provide written permission from the adjacent property owner.

Businesses will not be allowed to use the public space if they have not provided this information. The information will be shared with DC Government once it is final and complete.