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About the Song

It’s a catchy and interesting song, so of course there’s a catchy and interesting story behind it. The song was written and performed in 1985 by Vicky Troy & Charles Ragusa, and was produced by Jim Fox at Lion & Fox Recording Studio.

The song was unearthed by notable Adams Morgan historian and man-about-town Josh Gibson, which led to this article in the Washington City Paper.

The song is no longer downloadable on the City Paper website, but can be found (and purchased) at Reverbnation, link below.

About the Posters

As soon as it became obvious what a drastic impact the Covid-19 pandemic would have on our businesses, and particularly on our restaurants and bars, we conceived a campaign based on the famous Buy War Bonds posters from the world wars of the 20th century. The concept was the easy part. For the actual design, we turned to Melanie Becker at Alley Squash, Co who turned our idea into a gorgeous set of posters and social media graphics.

The posters are 11×17 and printed full-bleed (printed to the edges) on a heavy card stock paper.

For a better look at the posters, click the image above the video. If you will be requesting a specific poster with your $50 donation, we have informally named them (in the order they appear in the graphic) Rosie, Liberty, Sam, Lonely Woman, and Mom.